Dakar falls is about a world under siege. The Dakar Gem that once protected the land has shattered into many smalls pieces, and nocturnal creatures now infest the world as night begins to fall. Now it's up you to retrieve the pieces of the gem, and save the world from devastation.

Developed as part of my Final Year Major Project for Interactive Multimedia Design, Dakar Falls is a game being developed on HTML5 Canvas, a new way of playing games online with need of adobe flash, along with the help of MelonJS, a fantastic lightweight game engine.

icon screen

Desktop App

Prefer to play the game as stand alone application or offline? Download the desktop app for either windows or mac and enjoy gaming anytime.

icon gamepad

Gamepad Support

Have a usb game controller sitting about? Try plugging it in and instantly taking control of the game. It even works for multiplayter if you have two. *note, currently only works on deskop app and Google Chrome. Some gamepads are untested

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Create Custom Levels

(Coming Soon)

Create custom levels, play them, upload them and check out what other people are making. All coming soon through the open editor Tiled.


Keyboard (Player 1)

WalkArrow Keys
JumpX/Up Arrow Key
InteractSpace Bar

Keyboard (Player 2)


Xbox Controller

WalkDpad/Analouge Sticks